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The Appalachian
circa early 1900

The Appalachian
Top view

Top View-The Appalachian

All new leather straps and 8 new strap guides. The straps are a full 1 1/2" wide made of 8oz leather (1/8" thick) and new nickel plated roller buckles. The lock doesn't work but is modified to stay in the locked position rather than hanging down as it would normally do in the unlocked position. In doing this the trunk looks locked and even comes with a key to ease opening. You won't see this feature anywhere else, it's just another little extra that I do that separates my trunks from the rest.

Front view- The Appalachian
Back view- The Appalachian

Display the trunk against a wall or in the center of a room and you can barely tell the differences.

End  view- The Appalachian
End View- The Appalachian

New, custom made stiched leather handless

       Custom stitched leather handles go on all my trunks

Bottom View- The Appalachian

I was the first to install nylon "feet" on all my trunks to protect all floor surfaces. Now other dealers are doing it too. In fact, I was first in many aspects of trunk refinishing, including refinishing the bottoms as shown here. "Duplication is the greatest form of flattery".

Lots of extra storage space and I like to make my trays half size in some trunks to allow movement and easier access to the bottom without lifting it out. Allows for storage of tall items should the need arise.

An inside look at The Appalachian
Custom tray

24" high x 22" deep x 35" long
$975.00 US
Shipping, packaging and insurance fees are extra

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