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As I approach 20 years of refinishing and selling antique trunks, I have never and will never sell an incomplete trunk. All of my trunks are sold with all the hardware, locks, latches, leather straps, handles, and buckles that best represent the trunks as they were when they were new no matter how old they are.  I simply don't get the attraction of  a restored or refinished antique trunk with missing parts . It's like restoring a Model 'T' Ford and leaving off the bumpers and headlights. I take pride in my trunks, from start to finish. When I'm done, they are odor free, as complete as when they were when they were new and most of all, I transform them into a practical and useful piece of historic furniture you can actually use in your home and be proud of. I guarantee it.

 Armand's Antique Trunks is still the only online antique trunk dealer in Canada.

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