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Clinton Wall Trunk
Circa 1890

I came upon this trunk while vacationing on the east coast of Canada in a little town called Hartland New Brunswick, home of the longest covered bridge in the world. It's an amazing experience crossing it, If you ever get there try it. Click the link for more about Hartland NB

The trunk did not look anything like this when I bought it from the local Hartland antique store. It was covered in a green canvas. This was my first wall trunk, I picked up three during that trip.  When it comes to trunks, the greatest invention of all was the wall trunk. Clinton Wall Trunks are probably the most popular, best known and most difficult to find simply because when you have one, you want to keep it. It's more convenient than most trunks and certainly more practical in tight quarters, you never have to pull it away from the wall to open it and with large trunks like this one, that's a real bonus.



I particularly like the fancy Clinton hinge, photo bottom right, Patented Feb.25th 1890, it keeps the lid open straight up without the need for a lid stay and less likely to fall shut accidentally. 


 Complete with all it's original hardware ,the lock works and comes with a key.

New custom leather handles as with all my trunks

Lots of storage space inside with a new half tray not quite as fancy as the original but very functional anyway and with three (3) compartments. I like these half trays, they allow access to the bottom of the trunk without lifting out the tray, another great idea.

The color of the lining is best described as Denim blue


Ignore the sun flash, bottom left corner

( 24" high ) x ( 22" wide ) x ( 34"long )


$1295.00 US
Shipping, packaging, and insurance fees are extra.

We strongly urge you to shop around and compare quality as well as price. You just won't find trunks like these anywhere else. Truly one-of-a-kind. Refinished to last forever.

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