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Below are just a few of the trunks that have been transformed here at Armand's Antique Trunks
These trunks are not for sale

A family heirloom originally from Poland
 shipped to me from Buffalo New York.

Circa 1888
Yes, it's the same trunk

From Port Elgin Ontario
They're all so different.

Circa 1895

From Rochester New York
Covered with leather, my fave.
Because... beneath the leather is usually a
better than average nice pine structure.

Circa 1880
New leather lid lifter and spring
in the right latch replaced as well as
new leather handles.

From Ottawa Ontario
My home town at the the time.
I can't imagine what it would cost to build
a trunk like this today. In 1895 this trunk retailed
for about $4.95

Circa 1895
You could never achieve this satin finish
unless you spray paint as I do.
This is not a varnich finish.

From Ottawa
This is one big trunk, needing a new bottom slat

Circa 1895
You really never know what the finished
product will look like. And that's why
I love old trunks. Each one a new adventure.

Believe it or not-
 this 50's military foot locker came to me all the
way from Stockton California to be restored.
The memories.

50's US Military Foot Locker
I'd never see a solid brass lock like this
one before, original key and it worked.
Paint job...Perfect match!

From Ottawa
I know nothing about old coins,
 imagine my excitement when I found several
 large, pre 1900 pennies under the slats on the lid.
Turns out the most valuable was worth a quater.
Not so for the owners though, this was grandma's trunk.

Circa early 1900
I managed to find a key for the lock and a little TLC
got it working again. It's the kind of runk you'd find at
the side of the road on garbage day, but not when
 it's from your favorite grandma.

From Ottawa
Another beast of a trunk. I feel for those who had
to lift one of these when full.
The days when men were men as they say.

Circa 1895
It's impossible to duplicate the printed colours on
these embossed metal trunks but I've come up with
a good alternative. Check out the image below.

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