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Payment Options
Sorry, we do not accept credit card payment and are not set up to accept PayPal . Frankly, it is just not feasible for a small enterprise such as ours.  We have been doing business using the following method since 1999 and have not had any problems or complaints.We will accept your International Money Order, ( USA customers ) or Cashiers Check .We will also accept your personal check but it will have to clear before shipping the trunk, that could take 10 to 15 days not counting weekends and holidays. Note: "International Money Orders" are available at all United States post offices which are safe for both you and us.
UPS (United Parcel Service) is our primary shipper. We do not add anything for ourselves on shipping costs.
Our trunks are professionally packaged and shipped around the world.
Insurance for the full value of the trunk is included in the shipping costs. Your investment is totally protected.
Shipping Cost
Send us your city, state, zip code and the name of your favorite trunk we'll send you an actual shipping cost.
Our Guarantee
We offer a money back guarantee. click here for details
Our Snail Mail Address

Please Note: Payments to be made out to the order of:
rmand Fournier
154 Drummond Concession 2A
Perth Ontario Canada
K7H 3C3

Tel:  613.267.3230
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