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Let me help you identify and value your old trunk - free of charge

I offer this service for free because I learn from the experience as well. I get to see new trunks, new styles, different coverings, unique hardware and meet new trunk enthusiast.You get to learn something if not everything there is to know about your old trunk. You might learn your trunk is worth a few dollars, a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.We all prey for the latter but there are going to be some dispointments. Don't ask if you can't handle the truth. It's not an exact science in a lot of cases, more often than not, it's an educated guess based on my 20 plus years in the antique trunk business and I'm still learning. Don't be disappointed or offended if you learn that your trunk is not even an antique and is worthless, it happens and I won't lie to you.

Here's what I need: clear, bright pictures in jpg. format, (no bigger than 200 kb, please) of the whole trunk from the front. I need to be able to see the hardware close up. I need an end view showing me the shape of the lid and the handles. I need to see the hinges at the back, and if there is an image inside the lid, I need that too. If the covering is an embossed metal, I need to see that as well. Take a picture of any damages, special shipping labels, anything you feel may have some significance, don't just tell me about it, I need to see it. What size is it, front to back, end to end, and from the floor to the highest point. The more I can see the more information I can provide. I also need to know where you are located, it might have a bearing on it's value, it's a big world out there and prices vary. There are books out there claiming to offer information on the value of your old trunk, but ask yourself, how up to date are these books, prices change constantly and there are so many different trunks out there I haven't found a book yet with all the trunks I've been seeing with this free service. FYI, pictures taken and sent via your phone are usually poor quality and often don't get identified, use a camera if you can.

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